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Meet Joseph F. Smith


    Joseph Frederick Smith was born to Arthur and Minnie Katherine Smith on Jan 3, 1935 at Ava.  He was the last of 5 children.  He grew up on the Ozark family farm.  In 1952, he left to work in Independence, joining the US Army in 1953.
    After his military discharge, Joseph worked for the Glen L Martin Co. a as machinist in the model division.  They were tasked with building and testing the Titan missile.
    Joseph lived in Colorado at the time and worked as a cowboy.  He spent twelve years in the timber industry, logging in the Northwest.  The latter part of his life he worked as a carpenter, building houses in Georgia and Southwester Missouri.
     Joseph married Mary Sue Roberts on March 1, 1957 at Independence, MO.  They have three children, Timothy Granger, Candance Sue, and Kimberly Jo.
     He was baptized and confirmed by his father, Arthur on 1948.  His father also ordained Joseph to the office of elder in 1953.
     In 1996 Joseph experienced a vision in which the Lord told him the time had come for him to get the people together.  He is now fully engaged in that work

    Arthur Smith was born to Alexander H. and Elizabeth Smith on February 8, 1880  at Andover, MO.  He was the last of nine children.  He grew up rural Missouri and Lamoni.
    Arthur taught bookbinding at the university of Minnesota for a few years, after which he made his living as a carpenter and a farmer.
    He pastored a branch of the Reorganized Church at Minneapolis, Minnesota.  During the 1925, protest movement, he joined the Church of Christ, Temple Lot, bringing his his branch into that fellowship.  At that time, members of one organization were recognized as members of the other by both groups.  Arthur was ordained to the office of apostle by Daniel Macgreggor in 1926 and served as the head of the Temple building committee until the collapse of the foundation excavation.  At that time, he bought a farm near Ava, Missouri and lived there the remainder of his days.

   Alexander H. Smith was born to Joseph and  Emma Smith on June 2, 1838  at Far West, MO.  He was the third surviving son of four sons.  He grew up in Nauvoo, IL and was baptized on May 25, 1862 by Joseph Smith III after the death of his older brother Frederick Smith.
     Alexander was ordained an apostle on April 25, 1873 and served occasionally with his younger brother David, some in Utah.  On April 15, 1890, he was ordained President of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles and, on April 12, 1897, the first Patriarch in the Reorganization .  He served as Presiding Patriarch of the Reorganization until his death, August 12, 1909.  Alexander earned his living as a partner in a photography gallery.  Later, he became a carpenter.
     The previous Presiding Patriarch was William Smith, younger brother of Joseph Smith, Jr.  William was ordained Presiding Patriarch April 25, 1845 to succeed his murdered brother, Hyrum  Because the faction of the church that he led after Joseph's assassination practiced polygamy, William lost his birthright.  Although he joined the Reorganization, he never occupied the Patriarchal office.  His death November 13, 1893 opened the vacancy to which Alexander was ordained.

      Joseph Smith was born to Joseph and Lucy Smith on December 23, 1805.  He was the fifth of __ children.  His family moved Near Palmyra, NY to work an newly purchased farm in 1817.  Religious excitement grew as revivals invited settlers to join specific denominations.  Joseph wondered which he should join.
     In either late April of early May, 1820, Joseph decide to ask God which church was right.  He retired to a nearby woods to pray his first vocal prayer.  A vision unfolded in which the holy Father and His Son told him to join none.  They also said that if faithful, he would do a great from for them.
     On the night of September 22, 1823 an angel appeared o Joseph and told him, among other things, about an ancient record written on golden plates  He went to see it the next day, but was prohibited from taking it with him.  Four years later, September 23, 1827, Joseph receive the plates and interpreters.  He translated record, now known as the Book of Mormon.  On April 6, 1830, following a divine commandment, He restored the Church of Christ.
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